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This Is How Often You Should Wash Your Towel

Already after one time? Or can you do much longer with it?

For many people it is a routine: shower, dry off and immediately throw the towel in the laundry basket. But that is not necessary at all. You can perfectly reuse your towel. After how many washes you can better wash it? We explain how. 

Everyone has their own approach to washing out towels. Some use a towel once and then throw it in the laundry basket. Another might use the same towel for a week and wash it at a standard time during the week. But which is best?

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As with so many things, the best approach lies a bit in the middle. Throwing your towel in the laundry basket immediately after you dry off doesn’t have to be. You just got out of the shower and are basically clean. There may be some skin bacteria left on the towel, but your towel will not get really dirty. It is good to immediately after using your towel to ensure that it can dry. Hang it up, and do not throw your towel crumpled in a corner. If your towel can not dry properly, you create the perfect conditions for those skin bacteria to spread on the towel. And that, of course, is something you want to avoid.

How often to wash?
OK, so putting your towel in the wash after just one use is a bit quick. But how long can you use your towel? In general, you can assume that after three to five uses you should throw your towel in the washing machine. Using the same towel for a week is not very convenient. By making it damp every time you use it, the bacteria on the towel have plenty of room to expand. And sharing towels? That’s fine too. When you live with your partner or children in the same house, you will already have the same skin bacteria. Note: towels you have used after exercise, you can better after one wash in the laundry. Then wash the towels at 60 degrees. So you know for sure that you kill all the bacteria.

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