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These Are 5 Signs That Your Mattress Really Needs To Be Replaced

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You may not notice it yourself, but sometimes you have been sleeping on the same mattress for far too long. Do you suffer from sleepless nights, backache or any of the following? Then you know for sure that your mattress needs to be replaced.

Of course, you function better when you’ve had a good night’s sleep. One of the most common causes of a bad night’s sleep is a bad and old mattress. Yet most people sleep too long on their old mattress. If you recognise the signs below, it might be high time to replace your mattress.

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How old is your mattress?
First, check with yourself how old your mattress actually is. If it has been more than ten years since you bought it, your mattress really needs to be replaced.  After about seven years, your mattress is due for replacement. Ten years on the same mattress is therefore the maximum.

Sleeping body parts
Do you often wake up with your arms or legs asleep? That too can be a sign that your mattress is in need of replacement. It seems quite natural if you sometimes get a sleeping leg or arm in your bed, but it’s actually not at all. Sleeping body parts indicate that the suspension in your mattress is no longer good. To test whether your mattress still has enough spring, you should briefly press on your mattress with your hand. Does your mattress no longer spring back? Then the springing is gone and it’s best to look for a new mattress.

Stains or unpleasant odour
Does your mattress have stains or a nasty smell? This is a sign that you should immediately go to the bed store. Over the years a lot of bacteria, dust and body fluids accumulate in a mattress and that’s not very soothing.

Sleepless nights
Is your partner constantly tossing and turning next to you? Then this also means that your mattress needs to be replaced. A good mattress should offer enough stability so that you remain asleep when your partner turns over.

Back Pain
Finally, back pain is also a recognisable sign when your mattress is at the end of its rope. Your pillow and mattress are very decisive for your posture at night. If this is not right, you will feel it immediately the next morning. So it’s time to start looking for a new mattress!

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